On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January Swindon Barbell hosted what we hope will be the first of many British Powerlifting Coaching courses. Led by Head Coach Charlie Shotton-Gale, 10 students attended from a huge variety of backgrounds. One among them was Swindon Barbell’s own Kat Armstrong, a member for several years who has been taking the first tentative steps into coaching with our schools clubs.

Kat attended the course to gain knowledge to help her own lifting and to allow her to take a bigger hand in the school’s clubs which she loves to be a part of. She gave us some great feedback on the course too!

“It was great to be able to take part in something like this so close to home. Powerlifting Courses aren’t easy to come by, and for it to be at my home club was just the icing on the cake! The content was interesting and I leaned loads not only from Charlie but from the other people on the course as most of them had been lifting longer than me. Keen to put it to good use and start coaching as soon as Swindon Barbell are ready to throw me in the deep end!”

Kat wasn’t the only one to give good feedback though, Charlie is a weightlifter from Berkshire who came along to expand his knowledge and branch out his lifting in a new direction. Level 1 Powerlifting was exactly what he had been looking for.

“It was a really interesting weekend and I met some great people who I hope I can keep in touch with. Was definitely cool to learn about the differences between a Powerlifting Deadlift and a Weightlifting one. I’m looking forward to getting some more experience before setting up some classes at my home gym.”

We are enormously pleased that the course was enjoyed by all who attended it, and the level of candidates attending surpassed all expectations leading to some great conversations. We look forward to hosting another course soon!