Coaching Qualifications:

Diploma in Sports Therapy

British Powerlifting Coach level 1

How long have you been strength training?

Since 2016 when I decided to switch away from running because I was always injured!!

Do you compete in Powerlifting?

Yes. I entered my first competition in 2017 …at Swindon Barbell Novice competition…Since then I have competed at many regional competitions and at the British Masters in 2019.

What is your favourite lift?

Squat…or deadlift…but never bench!!

What is your coaching philosophy?

There is nothing that beats doing the work. There is no shortcut and there shouldn’t be. Fall in love the actual process of training because it will get you to places you never dreamed possible!

What is your hometown?

From, Somerset.

What is your favourite food?

I love eggs! And bagels! And eggs on bagels!