Powerlifting is the sport of maximal strength testing involving the Squat, Bench and Deadlift.

The sport was designed to test the strength of all aspects of the body:

  • Squat aims at developing leg strength and core stability
  • Bench press is focused on the upper body muscles including the chest, arms and back
  • Deadlift is about increasing the strength of the back and legs

Swindon Barbell boasts some seriously experienced and qualified coaches including:

  • Charlie Marillier.  10 time British Champion (Equipped and Classic), European Bronze medalist and multiple British and Commonwealth record holder.  Charlie coaches a wide variety of people from Help for Heroes to Elite level classic and equipped people to inclusive sport and novices.
  • Helen Toms. World Masters Silver medalist and former European Champion. Helen is also a National British Powerlifting referee. Helen has developed the novice classes over the last few years and supported many new members in completing their first ever competition.
  • Karl Marillier.  International assistant coach in Equipped Powerlifting Karl does not pull punches or takes excuses.

There are many  more coaches that make up the team and they can be found on the coaches page

We are affilliated with British Powerlifting, Britains National Governing Body (NGB) for Powerlifting and affiliated to the IPF which in turn is under the umbrella of AIMS, recognised by the IOC.

Swindon Barbell aims to promote Powerlifting as a competitive sport but also as a Strength specific training tool for those already competing in other sports, or for those simply wishing to improve their health.