In January 2022 we were informed that Mark Townend had tested positive for a banned substance. As part of our Anti-Doping Policy, Mr Townend was immediately and indefinitely barred from Swindon Barbell.

At Swindon Barbell, we do not tolerate any form of doping.

We would like to assure you that at no point did we suspect anyone of doping within Swindon Barbell. If we had, we would have reported it to British Powerlifting immediately. This incident is an isolated event amongst a history of outstanding compliance. We do not stand by those who break the rules under which we compete.

As a result of this incident, we have taken steps to avoid this occurring again within our club. We have been developing our existing anti-doping policy and created an environment where we talk openly about doping and the dangers that surround it. Education around doping now forms part of our training to ensure that all our lifters compete with integrity.

At Swindon Barbell, we have, and always will, follow the rules of the IPF to the letter. We trust them wholeheartedly to do what is best for the sport that we love. We fully support the IPF’s decision to bar Mr Townend from competing.

We will not be making any further comments on this subject.

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